I got a Whirlpool washer (Model: WTW4816FW) three years ago and it worked great, until today there was no water coming in it after I pressed “Start”. Here is the solution that worked for me (however, YMMV).

So inside the washer and besides the drum, there is a plastic bag containing a booklet of Technician Manual. Get this manual and it will tell you how to enter diagnostic mode.

  1. Dial the Cycle button to “Normal”
  2. Pull out the washer’s electric plug from the outlet, wait for 1 minute, then re-plug, and you will hear two or three “Click” sound from the washer
  3. Follow the steps in the Technician Manual (basically dial the Cycle button in clockwise/counter-clockwise for a few times, until all the LED lights are on)
  4. In diagnostics mode, I just run an Automatic Test by dialing the Cycle button to select “Spin” and then click “Start”
  5. When the Automatic Test is finished, if no problems are found, then all the LEDs are in green color. So in my case, after this test is done, the washer just works again with watering coming in!

My guess is the most important step is to just reset the washer to default mode (by unplug and wait for one minute). Again, YMMV but maybe worth a try!