• A pair of foam earplugs
  • A hole punch tool


  1. Cut the foam earplug to fit the length of Airpods Pro ear tip’s stem
3. Put the cut-off earplug onto AirPods Pro’s ear tip stem. Wait for it to expand to original form … Done!

Suggestion: just like using foam earplugs, when using this modded ear tips, first press it by fingers, then insert it into ear and press & wait for 10 seconds.

I upgraded my TS140 with new motherboard (B250), CPU (i7-7700K), power supply, and cooler. Here are some notes:

1. Standard MicroATX MB can be installed perfectly.

2. To conveniently connect SATA cables, it’s better to choose a MB with upward (instead of sideward) SATA connectors.

3. To connect the power front panel on TS140, refer to:
(1) the pins for TS140:
(2) the system panel connector (F_PANEL) on your new MB.

4. If using tower cooler, be careful of the total height. I use one with 125mm height.